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Arcos de la Frontera

Know a little better Arcos de la Frontera before your visit.

Almost at the geographical center of the province of Cadiz, marking the boundary between the Jerez countryside and the Sierra de Grazalema, is Arcos de la Frontera, the door of the White Towns Route. Located along the rock and the river bank Guadalete.

Casa Rural en Arcos de la Frontera

“Arcos de la Frontera” has always been surrounded by a variety of traditions, customs and cultures. Its strategic position has been key to get over her story to multiple settlements. There have been many civilizations that have passed through this town.

It is said that “Arcos de la Frontera” was founded by King Briga, grandson of Noah, around 2000 BC And it was the Roman people, who planted many of their customs especially in the first century where there was a total occupation. The Romans called Arx Arcis which means “strength in height.”

The most important settlement in this town was a Muslim, it is at this time Arcos de la Frontera is emerging as a prosperous and thriving city, becoming Taifa and a small kingdom under the rule of Jazrum Ben, king of Berber origin. It was in this Muslim civilization which has inherited the urban layout of its streets.

Casa Rural en Arcos de la Frontera

Later, the troops of King Alfonso X the Wise Arcos de la Frontera invaded in 1255, but it was not until 1264, when the town of Arcos de la Frontera was conquered by Alfonso X the Arabs, entering join the group of cities with strength settled by the Christian side. Hence the name ”de la Frontera”.

Despite the reconquest remained intact above the urban core, compared to typically demolitions and renovations. Later, around 1440, the population was related to the Duke of Arcos, which gave him a wealthy position and a rich artistic heritage.

What to see in Arcos de la Frontera

  • Convento San Juna de Díos
  • Palacio del Conde del Águila
  • Basílica Menor de Santa María
  • Convento de la Encarnación
  • Plaza de Cabildo
  • El Castillo Ducal
  • Convento de las Mercedarias
  • Pinacoteca municipal
  • Jardín Andalusí
  • Palacio del Mayorazgo
  • Iglesia de San Pedro
  • Centro de interpretación “La Molinera y El Corregidor”

Typical gastronomy

Casa Rural en Arcos de la FronteraArcos de la Frontera has a rich culinary heritage motivated by the diverse cultures that for centuries have inhabited. It has the “kitchen garden”, which dishes blend vegetables and legumes: among the most common would include: abajao, garlic miller alboronía, spurred, salad of celery.

To know these stories and more, we invite you to spend a few days at Casa Jaruf, your home in Arcos de la Frontera.